“Summer is a ‘comin in”

“Butterflies…flowers that fly and all but sing.” ~ Robert Frost

Dear Friends of LEAPS,
With metamorphosis on their minds, campers transformed a bit of a garden plot into a future paradise for butterflies.
DSCF3163 Learning from Susan that every species of butterfly prefers a certain host plant, kids worked together to plant their garden just outside the small barn. Nasturtium, milkweed, dill, and parsley were just a few of those that attract local butterflies.

When I arrived at Georges River Land Trust’s Langlais Sculpture Preserve the children had already planted and watered. They proudly showed me their butterfly sculpture that held just enough moisture to make a butterfly want to land there. Eager to get everything growing, they rounded the bend with another load of water to moisten the new plants.

Inside, children all had journals and were hard at work drawing their self-portraits.

Their first page, “About the Artist,” set the stage for a series of observational drawings to come.

After they’d chosen a species for their week-long study, Susan showed them some local plant samples she’d found on the Preserve. Campers went on an exploration. Searching for plants on which their butterfly was most likely to lay its eggs, one child asked, “Can we help each other?”

This first morning was a full one, and whether kids were planting, drawing, engaged in movement with Emma, or reading up on their own butterfly, there were definite signs that summer was in the air.

With the expertise of Susan Beebe and the support of Cynthia Trone and Emma Wilton, kids are experiencing their own changes! As developing naturalists and artists, they’re becoming caregivers of life all around them.

Stay tuned to find out about how kids are growing alongside their butterfly garden.
Blog posts will come your way each Monday and Friday. We welcome your comments!
With admiration and excitement, Nancy Harris Frohlich, for the summer LEAPS’ teamFullSizeRender copy

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