Off the Beaten Path

“Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

This summer camp week is about mapping. Kids started their morning by making “mind maps” of their routes from home to the Preserve. Determining what to represent, each created a different sort of map. When they shared their drawings we heard about what each child passes along the way. “I pass the Dragon Cement Plant.” “I pass the sign ‘Entering Warren,’ and Lincoln the horse.” “This is just a little bit of my whole land.These are the stones my father put in for a parking lot. Here my house is. Here my gate is. There’s the chicken coop and some roses.”

We learned that several families have chickens, and everyone was impressed by the intricacy of children’s maps.

Next on the agenda was to observe and draw one of Langlais’ sculptures. With little deliberation before they decided on one, kids made their selections and went to work. The artists’ figures came alive in children’s journals in 2-dimensions.

The plan for the week is to create a map of the Preserve. And drawings – converted to three dimensional miniature sculptures, will be part of this presentation.

Amidst these enormous works of art kids notice so much. Of Nixon they remarked, “He has such huge dark black eyebrows and his face is so light.” We are intrigued to see how their art evolves – as they veer “off the beaten path!”
Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team ~ Susan, Cynthia, and Morgan

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