A Children’s Guide to the Langlais Sculpture Preserve

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

Having been amongst children for the first four weeks of their summer exploration is to have been in the midst of nature unfolding. Human nature  – kids being resourceful, thoughtful, and amazingly creative in the midst of what is growing around them. Walking the trails of the Langlais Preserve, children have come to know the artwork and the territory. They are experts.

So the LEAPS’ team has asked them to create a Langlais GUIDE for visitors. Writing from their own perspectives, they offer a preview for all of our Blog readers. Here’s a taste of what they value and how they’re thinking.


We see in these children just what Stephen Hawking spoke of, “We explore because we are human and we long to know.” Here’s a sample of how campers’ words can impact those new to the Preserve.

“When you go to see the elephant you should look inside of it because it’s cool!  Be sure to look for the stairs because the stairs go to the top of the elephant, where you can see very far from it. It’s high up.”                     

“When you go see the alligator be sure to notice the teeth. There are spaces in between them. The teeth are square. The eye looks like a lemon.  It’s a bench so you can sit on it!”

“Christina is a woman with a pink dress sitting down. She looks kind of sad because her eyebrows are facing down. Her pupils are square.”

“The teddy bear is big and brown, and it doesn’t have claws. It has long arms that are facing the ground.  Look for it with the other small bears near the small barn.”

“The polar bear is the tallest of the four bears. It has a missing tooth, and it is white with black eyes.It also has claws.”

“When you go down the little field near the elephant there’s a president. He’s showing a peace sign. The president’s arms are directly apart, sort of like a ‘V.’  He’s sort of in the water, which is a swamp!”

If you haven’t yet visited the Preserve, it’s a must this summer. Learn from the children. Make your way along the trail and discover even more on your own.

This week is puppet week for campers. In Friday’s Blog post you’ll get a look at the personalities that they’ll have created as artists!

With anticipation, Nancy for the LEAPS’ Team, Susan, Cynthia, and Morgan


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