Be like our Children

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.” ~ Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

If you’re an adult and can think like a kid, you’re more than likely to be whimsical!  If you’re a kid who’s working with puppets, we’d bet you’ll have something profound to say. Today we heard from some amazing voices.

After a week of designing and crafting paper maché animal puppets and stitching their costumes, kids were marching to their own beat.

This morning they gathered together in small groups to turn their stories into performances. Their ideas were plentiful! In front of sets they’d painted themselves, campers told their original tales. One was about how a sloth got its mask. Another was was about how the elephant got it’s size.

Most inspiring, beyond the confidence children revealed as a “makers” and puppeteers, was what they had to say about how humans must protect the very creatures kids had created. Fantasy aside, children took time to share what was on their minds. The animals they’d imagined – a rattle snake, a chickadee, an elephant, a bunny, an eagle, a dog, an ostrich, a hummingbird, a sloth, and a giraffe, all need our attention. When you read what they’ve said you’ll see for yourselves that our children already know how to make the world a better place. Here’s what their puppets told us.

Rattle snake: “If any of you are from Texas, please stop the rattle snake round-up because I am endangered.” Chickadee: “Please plant more flowers so butterflies can land on them and lay more eggs.”  Elephant: “Stop hunting and taking my tusks!”  Bunny: “Stop hunting for rabbits for no reason. And don’t run over bunnies.” Eagle: “Stop cutting down trees, because I can’t make any more nests. We need our nests to lay our eggs. In a room packed with families, kids got their points across. Generating Big Ideas for the future, they showed us that artists, along with scientists, can impact our planet. After all, that’s what Bernard Langlais did!

Singing praises for the seasons, for nature, and for the creatures that live there, Daggan brought the morning to a close with a song he’d composed.

Keep your child-like outlook! Adventure forth and good things will come of it!

Nancy, for the LEAPS’ TEAM – Susan, Cynthia, and Morgan

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