The Artist Inside You

“Inside you is an artist you don’t know about.” ~ Auguste Rodin

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

It has been a summer of discovery for our LEAPS’ campers. They’ve learned new techniques for making art, from stitching, to collage, and now printing. They’ve gleaned much about science too. Every week a new selection of materials has driven deep thinking within a meaningful context. With this week’s focal point of weather and wind, we thought, if kids make windsocks, they’ll notice the weather systems around them.  They will be able to identify the direction in which the wind is blowing! That’s rather important when one lives by the ocean or is often in a boat!

How do windsocks work?  To determine the wind’s direction one looks at the way one’s windsock is pointing. The wind’s direction is just the opposite. So if a windsock points east, we’re experiencing a westerly wind. 

If you want a sense of wind speed check out the sock’s angle. When the wind is moderate, a windsock droops, while in high winds it flies horizontally. A fully extended windsock might indicate that the wind is 17 mph or greater!

So what have the kids been up to as artists? More traditional windsocks are striped. Our campers’ textiles are brilliantly decorated. They’ve used paints and stamps to create fish with exquisite color and detail. Look at the layering of paints and children’s selection of colors!  Each windsock, like the camper who created it, boasts very different attributes!

Kids’ final works will be revealed on Friday at a celebration of young artists and our first Langlais LEAPS’ summer program. We welcome you to join us @ 11:30 AM! You’ll have a chance to discover campers’ fantastical journal entries and hear about the techniques they’ve used to experiment and create.

Here are two comments from kids at camp.Before I came to  camp I never thought I was good at art!”   “I discovered that I love to sew when we made puppets. Now I have a sewing kit and I’m making more!” 

All of us at LEAPS want to thank Morgan and Shaylynn for their magnanimous contributions to our program. Through their connection with our campers, they’ve shared in the pure delight that comes from making art! 

Nancy for the LEAPS’ team, Susan, Cynthia, and Morgan

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