The Art of Stepping into Nature

“Nature is not a place or a thing; it is a mosaic, a network, a matrix, in which embedded is not only the world’s biodiversity, but the quality of our lives.” ~ Christopher Leahy, Mass Audubon

Dear Families and Friends,

Next week LEAPS of IMAGINATION begins a new season. Our first stop is at South School in Rockland, ME, where we’ll be meeting up with Mrs. McNichol’s fourth graders.

Our vision, as a team of artists, is to connect children with the exquisite beauty of the natural world ~ so close by. Kids will be exploring a local wildlife sanctuary, investigating animal habitats, and developing their observation skills out in the field. We will be asking them to imagine life from the perspective of an animal they choose to study over the course of several weeks.

We’ll be wondering together, how are all living things interconnected? And how will fourth graders  deepen their understanding of the animal world through art and literature?

At LEAPS we believe that we can help “breathe life” into children’s hopes for a peaceable world. We can empower them to speak their minds and express themselves through their original work.

Our team for this program, Lead Artists Susan Beebe and Avis Turner, Mentor Artists Alanna Hernandes and Cynthia Trone and I will introduce children to new territory – recognizing that kids will bring powerful insights of their own to our shared experience.

Artists have been out exploring in preparation for this program. We recognize that creatures can live in harmony regardless of their species!  What will we learn from them?

Look for our BLOG post each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons as we keep you tuned into how kids think about living together on our planet.

Keeping an eye on nature,

Nancy, Avis, Susan, Alanna, and Cynthia – LEAPS South School ’18

Alanna Hernandez ~ Welcome to the LEAPS’ Team of Artists


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