Hooray Hooray for Wheeler Bay!

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature.” ~ Rachel Carson

Dear Families and Friends,

It was a magical day at Wheeler Bay, and kids were curious from the minute they arrived. We started the morning with a group gathering on the deck. Overlooking this riveting setting, kids would soon put pencil to paper and start to draw the big picture. After a moment of mindfulness, in which we listened and observed, Jocelyn gave us the history of the quarry. Wheeler Bay has been reclaimed over multiple decades with unimaginable effort by her husband, Len.  It is now home to more creatures (and plants) than any of us could dream of. Together they live respectfully with one another on the premises. Each night Jocelyn and Len bring food to the “resident creatures,” who actually recognize their voices. With artists’ notebooks in hand, students explored the land, spotting signs of insects’ and animals’ presence. In small groups they chose a place to settle down and made detailed sketches. Each one drew something special close-up. Scientists and artists in the making, kids just kept on noticing.

DSCF4513 (1)

Just how this experience will bolster their research and artwork is yet to be discovered. What kids have learned on this first visit to the former quarry is a jumping off point for the intense investigations to come. With connected books on hand and animal images that Mrs. McNichol is gathering, no doubt kids’ brains will be “on fire.”

Watch for our ongoing posts so that you can follow along with children’s discoveries.

Looking to learn, Nancy for the LEAPS’ Team

DSCF4496 (2)

Mrs. McNichol’s Fourth Graders are grateful to Jocelyn Paquette for connecting us to Wheeler Bay and to TICKET to RIDE, a program of Maine Arts Commission, for funding their transportation. We can’t wait for our second visit!

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