Be Yourself and Change the World

You change the world by being yourself.” ~ Yoko Ono

Dear Families and Friends,

That’s just what Len Greenhalgh did when he considered what an old quarry could become. “I grew up in a city where there was lots of mortar and bricks. Occasionally a few birds flew over. Then 32 years ago I was driving by here. I saw an osprey. And ospreys are really rare. I thought, ‘I’ve got to protect this osprey’s nest,’ which was in a place that was just bare rock and rubble.  Men were taking the granite out and selling it. So I wondered, ‘Where do all the birds, mice, otters, and rabbits live if everything is a wasteland?'”

“After I bought the place we started recreating homes for animals. At first the animals were suspicious; then they became more familiar with us and developed trust. Over the years we’ve built nesting boxes and caves. We brought sand in so that turtles can dig holes to bury their eggs.”Can you imagine a better role model for a group of fourth graders?  On their second visit to Wheeler Bay they learned from Len the power that each of us has to impact nature.

Kids had a lot of questions. The first one was,  “Are there grey foxes here?”  Len explained that there used to be red foxes at the sanctuary, but the coyotes were a threat to them, so they left.

“How do you take care of all of these animals?” one student asked.

“We give them food, make them feel safe, and they want to be here.”  Fourth graders felt the same way, reveling in the chance to explore the diverse forms of wildlife at Wheeler Bay.

In their element, they understood how precious this spot is.

For the opportunity to share your passion for the Earth, Jocelyn and Len, we are enormously grateful. 

With optimism, Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team


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