Making the World Right

“Maybe it’s animalness that will make the world right again.” ~ Carol Emshwiller, author

Dear Families and Friends,

Totally in tune with the animal world, having checked out the Sanctuary for a second time on Tuesday, children put paint to their masks like experts. First Susan showed them how to use a palette knife to mix acrylics. Then kids went to town; they were quick to make use of the techniques she’d modeled. Holding themselves to high standards, they were precise with both color and detail.

While some were painting, others crafted poems with two voices. Having taken their animal’s perspective, they’d completed their first draft and were now ready to combine theirs with a partner’s. Cynthia guided them as they cut their poems into strips and positioned them on a shared page. In full collaboration, kids were considerate of their classmates, treating one another with honor and respect. 

We were curious about how their ideas were developing since they’d been to Wheeler Bay, and we asked them to put their thoughts down on paper. What would they say to Len now that they’ve heard his story?

“How did you do all this work for the animals?”  “Why did you do this?” “Nature is probably really thankful for what you did.” “I really liked your story.  I think it was amazing that you made the decision you made to help the animals.” “I’m going to be you when I grow up!” “Wow! What you did is amazing!” “It is nice to take care of the animals.” “How did you move all the rocks out of the quarry?” “Now that I heard your story, I am impressed.” “Thank you for letting us come.” “Thank you for saving the animals and nature.” “I’m sorry you had to clean a lot of stuff (the rocks and the rubble) for 32 years.” “I want to help you with the sanctuary.”

Fourth graders know what it means to work hard, and they fully applied themselves in the classroom.

“Animals are more important than I thought,” one girl asserted. “Because I’ve been to Wheeler Bay, I now think about how we live and care.”

May others in the wider world follow fourth graders’ lead,
Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team

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