The Power of Children Today

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that she is someone today.” Stacia Tauscher

Dear Families and Friends,

Anticipating Thursday’s sharing of student work, we had a full agenda this morning. We opened with a reading of You Belong Here, by Clark and Arsenault, to revisit the spirit of Wheeler Bay. Kids recognized the rhyming text and chimed in as a class. Today was a day to complete their vivid masks, create an “About the Artist” entry in their notebooks, and make a stamp of their animal’s footprint as a signature for their presentation pieces. Kids have been putting the pieces together.

After our second trip to Wheeler Bay we asked kids to reflect on their experiences. They told us that having been on this journey they now think about:

“How animals communicate with each other.”  “How I want to learn more about animals.”  “How animals stay safe in nature.”  “How we (as humans) live and care.”  “How all animals have a use in life.” “How Jocelyn and Len take care of everything at the Sanctuary.” 

Nothing helps kids recognize the needs of animals like experiencing their habitats right here on the Maine coast. We believe that the partnership between LEAPS and Wheeler Bay has changed how fourth graders respond to the natural world. Len and Jocelyn have inspired kids to believe in possibility and to feel compassion for the creatures that share our community. 

They wrote: “Animals are more important than I thought,” “We have to stop pollution,”  “I like nature and the environment,”  and “We always have to take care of the animals.”   











We want to thank teacher “extraordinaire,” Danielle McNichol and the South School family for welcoming LEAPS so warmly. We are impressed with the power of her children’s thinking, with their willingness to be bold, and with their deep sense of caring for one another.

It has been a remarkable experience for the Team.

Nancy, Susan, Avis, Alanna, and Cynthia

~ RSU 13 and individual donors have made this program possible.

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