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“All of us have had the feeling of a sudden joy that came when nothing in the world had forewarned us of its coming.” ~ Antoine Saint Exupery

Dear Families and Friends,
Striking as it was to suddenly gaze upon the majesty of Wheeler Bay, kids surprised themselves with what they were able to do on their own this morning. Young artists who’d discovered some pretty cool stuff, from leaves with amazing patterns, and one with three galls, to fibers from milkweed plants, and a caterpillar, were poised to draw them. They’d walked the paths with Jocelyn, who told them true stories en route. Checking out animal habitats and even some deer tracks, they settled into their work. Some drew objects they’d brought back for further observation. Others took on the “big view.” Many had questions and ideas they were wondering about. Both Susan and Jocelyn were reliable resources, while all the artists offered feedback on kids’ art. The detail, in both color and black and white, showed us how closely fourth graders had been observing.  

The time on site flew by, yet we’ll have a good record of the experience. John Moon-Black, LEAPS’ 10th grade photographer from Waynflete School, captured virtually every moment – including a pair of eagles that flew overhead late in the morning. Over the course of the program, he’ll piece together images and kids’ ideas in a video of the session.

We are most grateful to Jocelyn Pacquette for giving so generously to LEAPS’ children. Her belief in the connection between humans and animals is truly astounding.


Reflecting on the creative capacity of children, Nancy, Susan, Avis, Alanna, Dee, and Alexis

3 thoughts on “Explore Create Connect

  1. a sparkling November day,… in Maine,…. in a sanctuary, …. which seems to hold and embrace its visitors, revealing spectacular moments of beauty….
    letting us, the humans see, what possibilities could be…..

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