In Capable Hands

“The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” ~ Anne Frank

Dear Families and Friends,

What a day for new beginnings, shaped by the hands of children. Kids re-examined their animal portraits, making decisions about how to transform 2-dimensional drawings into a collagraph plate for printing. Diving head first into the project, they thought more about the animal they’d chosen and how to represent its features using wood, clothesline, and cardboard.

Kids knew their animals. They were prepared to solve problems and tried out their options while referencing books and photographs. They were materials savvy. Artists all, they experimented with multiple  techniques like using a bit of paper to squeeze glue into tight places.

This group is full of deep thinkers. When we asked them to speak to the world from their animal’s perspective, this is what they had to say: “Stop cutting down trees. Trees provide oxygen so that humans can breathe.”  “We want a safe home.”  “Stop throwing trash into the ocean. It can hurt our habitats.”  They raised issues like over population, chemicals going into farm lands, and local factories polluting the air.

“Don’t hurt us please.”  “Guys, cut it out! We want to live.”  “Animals should just be animals!”

All of their comments were summed up by one student in a single sentence.“The biggest danger to animals in the world is humans.”

As kids continue to bring life to the animals they are creating, fourth graders are striving to become the scientists, artists, inventors, and leaders our world will need. These children have already begun putting the pieces together.

We look forward to greeting them after the Thanksgiving week.

Happy Holidays to all,  Nancy, Susan, Alexis, Alanna, Avis, and Dee

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