Imagine the Possibilities

“We have more possibilities in each moment than we realize.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Dear Families and Friends,

Endless possibilities. That’s what fourth graders discovered this morning as they worked the ink, getting ready to apply it to their collagraph plates.“This is just so satisfying!” one young artist announced, as he moved the brayer across the glass. “It just feels so good going back and forth!”

Children worked two-at-a-time with a LEAPS’ artist. Having a partner paid off. Hands got inky, and it was helpful to have a classmate to hold down the paper and be sure surfaces were covered before pulling the print. With four print stations, each monitored by an artist, every pair got an artist to themselves.

Learning a new technique is empowering for kids. They’re acquiring new vocabulary and multiple printmaking skills. “You could make so many different things with this!” one child called out with confidence.



Printmaking is an art that takes multiple sessions and long stretches of time. Typical school schedules don’t allow time for such a complex process. Kids seemed delighted to delve into today’s exploration. They focused on details and appreciated the subtleties that making more than one print offers.


DSCF5302Meanwhile in the room next door, children were hard at work in their artists’ notebooks.









Take a moment out of your day on Friday, December 14 at 9:00 AM, when children will be exhibiting their work and sharing their insights. The celebration will be held in Jackson Memorial Library’s Community Room.

Marveling at fourth graders’ brilliance, Nancy, Susan, Alanna, Alexis, Dee, and Avis


3 thoughts on “Imagine the Possibilities

  1. As I scrolled through this blog post I was struck as well by the notion of courage demonstrated through their art work. It takes courage to express oneself in a public way, whether through art or through talk. Applause to all for allowing these children to express their courageous acts of beauty!!

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