Lasting Impressions


“Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely on the eye.” ~ Saadi, Iranian poet

DSCF5683Dear Families and Friends,

Joy filled the air this morning as fourth graders spoke before a packed house of guests. It was clear that their visit to Wheeler Bay had not only made a powerful impression on them – it had given meaning to the artwork that followed.

Guiding family members and kindergarten buddies through the exhibit, they helped elucidate the process of making prints. You couldn’t miss their sense of accomplishment.DSCF5657

What you might not know is what the big kids discovered about the process while teaching the kindergarteners earlier this week. Fourth graders weren’t shy about sharing.

“It was hard to understand what my buddy wanted.”  “My buddy was relying on me to keep the process going.”  “I found out that you had to work together. You both had to do it.” “It was hard to keep them focused.” “It was hard not to lay out all the materials for them.  I kind of wanted the collagraph to look different from what my buddy wanted.”  “It was hard to let them do all of the work.  I had a picture in my mind.” “It was hard to get the perfect shape with the rope.”DSCF5587 “I had a little bit of a hard time.” “He listened to me.  I helped him.  I think he had fun.” “It was hard to keep our buddies there – and not let them wander off!” “It was hard for them to get the shape of their animal.  A lot of things kept coming off.” “I explained that when she made the print it was going to look different.”  “My buddy had a hard time at the very beginning, but he listened good.” “My buddy was really happy with the results.”





DSCF5594Creating leaders is at the core of LEAPS’ programming. If we give kids practice in their new role and time to work out the kinks, the’ll acquire these critical skills as children. Knowing that they are not alone in their quest to collaborate, they have gained courage as communicators, negotiators, and makers.

DSCF5668We thank you all for coming today and for believing that children are born leaders.

If you didn’t have a chance to see the Jackson Memorial Library show, the artwork will be on exhibit at the Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor, in January. We welcome you to come to view it, bring a friend, neighbor, or family member. We’ll be sending you the details after the New Year.

With appreciation for the delicious experience of bringing kindergarteners and fourth graders together, Nancy, Avis, Susan, Dee, Alanna, and Alexis

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