Fourth Grade Explorers: “In Trees”

Dear Families and Friends,

On Tuesday Thomaston Grammar School’s fourth graders begin their adventure with LEAPS of IMAGINATION, and our artists are ready to go!  Susan Beebe, Cindy McGuirl, Dee Peppe, and Alanna Hernandez will spearhead the program.

The LEAPS’ team first met this class as second graders, when they stepped boldly into a study of animals.  During the next 4 weeks we’ll be taking them on a new journey – combining personal portraits with collagraphs from nature. On January 22nd we will head to Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, where kids will meet with Len Greenhalgh and Jocelyn Pacquette. Len purchased an old granite quarry more than 30 years ago, which he’s transformed into a preserve where multiple species are now thriving.

Our goal is for our young explorers to discover how they can leave their own legacy of positivity on the planet. While making original art, they’ll be discussing strategies for caring for local wildlife – learning to think deeply and inventively.

For generations we’ve thought of explorers as individuals who have voyaged to a far-off land. These fourth graders will learn about contemporary thinkers and doers who have imagined a better world, starting with the environment. Kids will practice the art of observation, the skill of inference, and the process of representing their ideas in varied forms. Like traditional explorers, they will be keeping notebooks of their discoveries.

This LEAPS’ program will focus on TREES, and we’ll be interweaving literacy and science into some rather complex artwork.

BE SURE to look for the LEAPS’ Blog post each Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  Your children’s teacher will email it to you or you can find it on our website,, under Blog.

Diving into art and nature requires both imagination and courage. We’ve no doubt that fourth graders are up for the experience! 

With anticipation, Nancy Harris Frohlich, Director, for the LEAPS of IMAGINATION team

3 thoughts on “Fourth Grade Explorers: “In Trees”

  1. So many interesting and unique things to discover about trees. We need trees, and they need us!
    I can’t wait to share cool tree info with students when they visit Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary o n January 22.

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