Realizing Trees and Themselves

“Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one’s sensations.” ~ Paul Cézanne


Dear families and Friends,

Studying trees has become so natural.  And kids have truly grasped their magic. “I noticed that yours really has the feel of a tree. It is so detailed,” one child said to a classmate. This morning we divided fourth graders into two groups and within those groups they partnered up. In Mrs. Richter’s room were the journalists, exploring their partner’s work with magnifiers. They checked out their friend’s collagraph plate and drew one section that fascinated them.DSCF6326 Next door, in Miss K’s classroom kids applied silver ink to their plates, being careful to cover every part of the design. Working collaboratively, they helped each other out and found value in their classmate’s artwork.



Tree configurations made from bark, wood, cardboard, and string printed brilliantly, looking “just like trees in winter.” Suddenly, what they’d imagined, invented, and explored jumped off the page. Every tree was different, reflecting the individuality of the artist.


DSCF6296 (1)Tomorrow is our last class. We’ll welcome tenth grader, John Moon-Black, who will film fourth graders in action. An artist in his own right, John is as passionate about documenting ideas as fourth graders are about making art.

When young people have the chance to engage deeply in what matters to them, they not only feel like experts, they know where they’re headed next. They are ready to launch their next exploration – wherever it may take them.

DSCF6323At LEAPS ~ children dig in, explore new art forms, and surprise themselves with the outcomes. Like those who’ve explored new territory, fourth graders are steady on their feet, ready to take on their next challenge.

With respect and admiration, Nancy, Susan, Cindy, Alanna, Dee, and Emma

Fourth graders look forward to sharing their art at Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland on Friday at 9:00 AM. Please join us for the opening of their exhibition.




3 thoughts on “Realizing Trees and Themselves

  1. Looking forward to being with these 4th grade pioneers tomorrow . . . like the branches on the trees they are creating, they have multiple paths ahead – including a few forks in the road. Ahhh – life is good.

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