Finding Intersections

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Families and Friends,

DSCF1041Kids imagined themselves differently today! On their first day of LEAPS of IMAGINATION fourth graders walked the path from the school to the public library, where we set the stage for our four-week investigation.  Our focus is on INTERSECTIONS, connections between humans and animals. While digging deep into the discovery process, St. George students will realize that they have a part in making the world a better place. During our month at Jackson Memorial Library students will be looking for similarities and overlaps. And they’ll be learning to notice and respect what’s different.

We have a remarkable team of mentor artists on board. Susan Beebe, Alexis Iammarino, Laura Sheinkopt, and Avis Turner all shared their passion for art and nature with the children this morning. Alexis welcomed them to the world of printmaking, demonstrating how to make a monoprint. From photographs of themselves, kids experimented with special inks, trying out an art form that was altogether new. What emerged from their brushstrokes were self-portraits, which brought new versions of themselves to life.










































All the children got journals, wrote about themselves and made a mini-collage.

To build upon our theme, Susan worked with a small group teaching them to make observational drawings of animals.






















With references from books and photos, children learned to follow each line, notice connection points, and create a masterpiece.

In a series of “small things”  fourth graders got to know a bit more about themselves as artists and launch their investigation of animals. Intersections between the two will organically unfold.

Tomorrow they’ll spend the morning at Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary – immersed in nature, with the chance to notice all that’s around them.

It was a magnificent first day, and fourth graders impressed us with what they had to say for themselves!

They told us IMAGINATION is: 

“To believe in something and pretend it’s there.” “Something you think of and try to create.”  “Where all your ideas come from, and anything can happen!”  “Something in your head and letting others see it.” “Something in your mind.” “If you’re doing art, let your mind reach out and capture whatever’s out there!”

Recognizing possibility,

Nancy Harris Frohlich, Director, and artists, Susan, Alexis, Laura, and Avis






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