South School Kids Do the Talking

“‘The time has come,’ the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things: of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings.'” ~ Lewis Carroll

Dear Families and Friends,







Speak out – they did today, at South School’s celebration of student artwork, animal investigations, and stories. Eloquent and unreserved, even the youngest of the bunch spoke confidently before a crowd. Children shared their journals, highlighting works of art to which they felt particularly connected.

Then Susan explained how each of the students, inspired by their visit to Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, had focused on a bird and/or an animal.

It was clear that they were proud of the authenticity of their drawings and the ways in which they’d overcome occasional frustrations. “I just had to work my way through it,” one ten-year old said.


Fifth graders were thrilled to take their place beside their first grade buddies. Younger kids showed off their artwork, and we all delighted in their original stories. 





At the end of each program we ask children to complete a questionnaire, giving our artists a chance to hear from them directly. 100% of Mrs. McNichol’s fifth graders reported that they felt good about helping their “buddies” and treated them kindly. They wrote, “I learned to be patient.”  “Being bigger doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t learn from someone smaller.” And, “Helping people is really fun.” 

When we asked them about their LEAPS’ experience they affirmed, “LEAPS taught us new things.” “It helps kids have more imagination.” “Kids learn that phones aren’t the whole world.” “LEAPS develops thinking skills.” And “LEAPS lets kids roam free in their minds and bring their work to life.”


We are grateful to those who could make it to the celebration this morning. If you haven’t had a chance to see the artwork in person, it is on display in the stairwell between South School’s first and second floors! You won’t want to miss it!

DSCF1108 DSCF1166

Thank you, South School. for the opportunity to be part of this outstanding school community, Nancy, Susan, Laura, Dee, and Cindy




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