Paying Attention to Maine Animals

” Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager.” ~ Susan Sontag












Dear Families and Friends,

This morning children dove right in!  Two young artists who’d completed their self-portraits shared them with classmates. Kids noticed the unusual ways in which peers had imagined themselves. Color, design, and texture told their stories.

Building connections between humans and animals, kids listed a variety of features, including “eyebrows, eyeballs, nostrils,” and more – viewing children’s portraits. They explored the same process, pointing out “whiskers” first – in a photograph of a fisher.

Each fourth grader has chosen a Maine animal as the focus of his or her LEAPS’ study. A skunk, an otter, a moose, a puffin, a cardinal, and a mink are just a few of the 23 creatures they’ll be researching.


Drawing their animals will help them notice the details to include on their animal masks.











Skills they’ve learned from drawing bark and lichens at Wheeler Bay worked wonders as kids branched out this morning. 










Paving the way for deeper understanding,

Nancy, Susan, Avis, Alexis, and Laura



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