Experiment, Modify, Learn

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do. ~ Leonardo da Vinci








Dear Friends and Families,

Before rolling up their sleeves for mask-making this morning, kids looked closely at the animal drawings their peers had done yesterday.  Displayed on tables for a “pop-up” student show, the artwork deserved careful looking. Mrs. MacCaffray explained that in the classroom kids have learned how to give specific feedback. We asked children to craft one sentence on a post-it note in response to what they observed. When young artists read what others had written we could see that their morning was off to a positive start.

It wasn’t long before students began adding papier maché to their masks or continued to build on their animal’s features. Kids loved dipping their hands into the warm cornstarch and water solution. They layered on swatches of recycled brown paper to create a smooth surface on which to paint. Their animals were coming to life.




Kids couldn’t believe how far they could go with four mentor artists and a two-hour time block.



Experimenting with materials, revising their plans, and celebrating their ideas meant a morning of serious learning.*

Amazed! ~  Nancy, Susan, Alexis, Laura, and Avis

*”I learned that bald eagles have big nests, sharp beaks and talons.”  “I learned that otters can hold their breath for 8 minutes.”  “I learned that bobcats have kind of short snouts.”  “I learned that woodchuck babies are born after only 32 days.” “I learned that a red fox has a very pointy nose.” … and much much more.


2 thoughts on “Experiment, Modify, Learn

  1. another wonderful day,
    students very engaged …
    they “love research!”
    and of course, they love the art part, the connections the learning of new skills, new ways of see, thinking and expressing …

  2. We love this 4-way collaboration with St. George School, Jackson Memorial Library, Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and LEAPS! Much gratitude to Maine Arts Commission and St. George School for making it possible!

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