“When I discover who I am I’ll be free.” ~ Ralph Ellison

Dear Families and Friends,

Throughout the month fourth graders have been discovering intersections between themselves and their animals. Today, adding paint to their masks, they got closer to solidifying their creature connections. Referring to photographs, kids went all out replicating the colors they noticed. One boy mixed seven different shades of brown. Everyone was sensitive to their creature’s features.

We started the day with a group conversation about research categories. Kids had uncovered a considerable amount of animal information last week, and we wanted to make sure that students’ writings addressed similar topics. Ecosystem, habitats, defense mechanisms, and prey were just a few they chose to include in the paragraphs they’ll compose back in their classrooms.

DSCF1315 2DSCF1310











DSCF1316 2


Making the connection between science and art, students began designing nests and homes for their animals. DSCF1321DSCF1331










Our mentor artists are stretching students in multiple directions. Making it possible for children to see themselves and the “big picture” are the extraordinary fourth grade teachers. A heartfelt thank you goes Mrs. McCaffray and Mrs. Gill for adding  layer upon layer of learning to kids’ LEAPS’ experiences.

With gratitude, Nancy, Susan, Alexis, Avis, and Laura













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