Imagine, Revise, React

“What I taught myself was that in any problem you get, you’ve got to come up with an innovative, brilliant, kind of unusual, stunning solution.” ~ George Lois











Dear Families and Friends,

To invite peer feedback, we set up a small pop-up art show so that students could observe the prints and photographs from yesterday. Kids walked around quietly, giving thought to what they saw. Then we asked them to offer comments. Here are some of second graders’ remarks.

“I like how he made a lot of detail.”  “It looks like someone made a bunch of holes in the tree, like a woodpecker.”  “I like how he made the matching designs on the bottom and the top.” “The kind of lines in it are like a car driving down the street.” 

Kids jumped right in at this morning’s meeting with more deep thinking. Susan showed her collection of seeds, and children made hypotheses about their identities. The rarest specimen was a butternut; there were many more familiar ones.

Our day was focused on translating Tuesday’s animal drawings into collagraph plates. Today’s medium was wood. Almost like creating a puzzle from scratch, children selected shapes to help them represent their creature anew. One boy told us, “I’m already planning in my mind!” Using wood + rope + bark + cardboard, they experimented with texture and form.

LEAPS Big Ideas are to inspire each child to be imaginative, move beyond disappointment, and to see the relationships between concepts. In the process kids’ minds are always going. As they deliberate over artistic decisions, they plan and play, modifying their original design until they feel their art is just right.


Children were elated with their creations. Here are some of the comments they shared when we wrapped up the morning.

“It was hard to think about what I was going to put in the body. I got little sticks. I made them into a puzzle. I glued each individual one on. Mrs. Bassett helped me….”  “It looks easy, but it’s really hard.” “When you think it’s going to turn out bad, it turns out really good!”


Learning new ways to make art is a process! We are delighted with the groups’ sense of curiosity and industry.

Looking forward to next Tuesday’s explorations,

Nancy, Susan, Cindy, and Alexis

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