“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Families and Friends,

Second graders realize that all living things are interconnected, just like the workings of an old clock. Even more so – Peter Wohlleben writes in his book, The Secret Network of Nature. 

We told children that given the natural process, trees take their time developing.

“Left to their own devices, youngsters (i.e., young trees) have to spend their first 200 years waiting patiently in their mothers’ shade,” Wohlleben writes. That allows bark to gain strength so that nature’s destructive forces take less of a toll on them. Kids looked closely at a tree slice, noticing its many growth circles.

On this frigid January day, A Walk in the Forest by Maria Dek helped kids imagine being outside in the woods! They scrunched down like saplings and began growing in slow motion, each one developing at a “proper” rate.

Next, using their foam “stamps” young artists began to create a class forest. They chose colors in muted winter hues. With brayers in hand, they rolled out the ink.

Then, having made 4 prints, they peeled away the stamp. And their trees came alive on paper.

Every day in LEAPS multiple experiences happen simultaneously. Today kids invested in animal collagraphs, landscape collages, and observational drawings. The room was a-buzz with activity.


One boy summed up his learnings this morning. “I learned that it takes effort and hard work and lots of ink to make a print!”

Foam stamps+ink on brown paper = a second grade collective forest.

Naturally joyful,

Nancy, Susan, Alexis, and Cindy

2 thoughts on “PARTS make a WHOLE

  1. I spent Tuesday with Leaps and their students in their class. The children always make me see things that I was just looking at!

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