Collaboration Works

“Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.” ~ George Scialabba, literary critic, essayist


Dear Families and Friends,

Today’s blog post starts where our day ended. Sitting in a circle to share the morning’s learning, children reflected on what they’d accomplished.

“Working together is really fun. You get to discuss how you want a story to go.” ~ Second grade author

“I think we definitely used a lot of teamwork. When we were printing I liked how we pressed it all down.” ~ Second grade artist


DSCF2176 2“I think we did a great job of working together.” ~ Second grade collaborator

“Something really fun can take a lot of work.” ~ Second grade learner

“With the ink, two people can be working at the same time.” ~ Second grade printmaker

Today kids showed us that they got our Big Idea. Wildlife connects. Trees and animals depend on one another. Humans do better when they understand that connections promote possibilities. DSCF2136 2

The morning started with our second pop-up show. Classmates told each other how impressed they were with one another’s work. They noticed how real the animals looked and how many used all of the space.  Heading toward their forest, they made spontaneous decisions about where to place their creatures. “Mine can fly, so it should go up high!” a bird artist declared. “Mine can peek out from behind a tree.”

Then two-by-two they came to the printing station and printed their animals in the forest. Others, in pairs, composed tales of animal friendship. When children have practice collaborating, the process becomes second nature. Isn’t that what we want for the leaders of tomorrow?

In our wrap-up meeting one boy asserted, “Using your imagination and your brain is the only thing you need!” 

We think this is an idea that can change the world!

In awe of the children we teach,

Nancy, Susan, Cindy, and Alexis






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