Relentlessly Focused

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” ~ Giorgio Armani, designer

Dear Families and Friends,

Sharing their passions, second graders welcomed kindergarteners as fellow animal investigators today. First two big kids read original stories, getting younger ones in the mood. Susan taught everyone how to layer textiles and paper, cardboard and fuzzy stuff onto mask templates. Kids dove into the process.

Everyone thought hard about choosing colors and materials. Big kids helped little guys position the pieces. Before we could say “jack rabbit” creatures like turtles and wolves appeared on the scene.

Kindergarteners were excited to put on their masks. Second graders were proud of themselves as gentle helpmates. LEAPS looks forward to working with Mrs. Markwith’s kindergarten group tomorrow.

When they got back to the classroom, second graders applied their drawing skills in a new context. Having closely observed bark and animals earlier in the program, they drew portraits of their peers. Children paid close attention to the process. Starting with the nose, they used their fingers to measure the spaces between features. They knew it was important to get the proportions right.

When the morning came to a close, we asked students to choose one word to describe the drawing experience. These are the words they chose:

Fun – Focused – Artistic – Interesting – New (as in learning something new) – Patient  – Imagination – Better (as in “I’m getting better at my art making”)  – Details – Hard Work – Think – Creativity – Positive Thoughts – Calm – Still – Free – Measure – Observe – Cool – Concentrate (on the person) – Be the artist – ARTivity! 

Won’t you join us when TGS second graders share their artwork on Friday at Jonathan Frost Gallery in Rockland at 9:30 AM!

DSCF2279A special thank you to Mrs. Bassett, who has hosted us in second grade for 7 years running (along with Mrs. Brewster – now in K!) These two teachers and Mrs. Riley helped launch LEAPS in our pilot year!

Truly impressed, Nancy, Susan, Alexis, Cindy, and Dee



2 thoughts on “Relentlessly Focused

  1. I am so thankful we were able to involve the kindergarten students in a Leaps of Imagination project with the second graders leading the way. My students were so proud of their masks and couldn’t wait to take them home. This kind of collaboration and teamwork is so important and powerful. Have a wonderful time at your art show on Friday. I know it will be impressive! ❤

  2. We loved seeing kindergarteners in action! It was delightful to watch second graders interact with them, asking them what colors they wanted for their masks and helping them attach the various materials they chose! Thank you for inviting us! Collaboration works for everyone!

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