Art Makes You Smarter

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” ~ John Keats

Dear Families and Friends,

“Art makes you smarter,” one child wrote this morning, reflecting on its importance in kids’ lives. There are so many reasons why.

Art creates opportunities for imaginations to soar. Second graders at Thomaston Grammar School imagined themselves as Maine animals and with classmates wrote elaborate stories about shared adventures. Having learned about how trees grow in forests, many chose a woodsy locale as their tale’s setting.

Art teaches children to make inferences and see connections.This morning kids took another look at seeds.They observed all the details, with some young artists matching their colors to the real thing.  

Art helps students become risk takers, work through failures, and try new approaches. Noses can be the most challenging part of the face when drawing a classmate! LEAPS’ second graders went for it, taking a chance and feeling good about the outcome.

Art is a vehicle that deepens understanding. Applying information they’ve gleaned, second graders are knowledgable about wildlife. They’re eager to share what they know and what they’ve created, proud of their investigations.

                                                             Otter  and  Fox  Collagraphs

Art is good for thinking. LEAPS’ kids realize that they can  s  t  r  e  t  c  h  their brains, rising to any challenge. In 4 weeks’ time they’ve collaged, drawn, made prints, and written stories. They’ve acquired new skills and applied others they’ve learned in class.

If the children we teach are to become the leaders of tomorrow, art will set them on the path to take their first giant steps.

With enormous appreciation to Maine Community Foundation and RSU 13 for funding this program and to Thomaston Grammar School for welcoming us so warmly,

Nancy Harris Frohlich   Susan Beebe   Alexis Iammarino    Cindy McGuirl     Dee Peppe









Second Grade’s Mrs. Bassett helping to Build Learning Connections 

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