Energized by Insects

“Creativity can give you fuel!” – Cushing Community School Fourth Grader


Dear Families and Friends,

Referring back to the fable, the Lion and the Mouse, and taking our theme of “The Power of Small” one step further, we asked Cushing kids what kinds of power children have that adults have less of. They were quick to raise their hands. “IMAGINATION!”  “ENERGY!” they called out. For a moment or two we could see their brains quietly at work. “Kids can listen better,” one child declared. “They have flexibility,” another chimed in. And then, in keeping with the times, one child suggested, “They have the power to fight off viruses better.” 

Second and fourth graders are exploring insects this month because these 6-legged creatures contribute so much to human lives. After listing all the insects they could think of that pollinate, some made hypotheses. “Wasps!” “Flies!” It turns out both are pollinators! Susan told them,”One in three bites of food we eat is the result of insects at work” Kids got it.


Children were doing a considerable amount of work of their own this morning, applying what they’d learned about insects. They are symmetrical. They have 6 legs. And they have 3 body parts, a head, a thorax, and an abdomen.

DSCF2829 3.jpeg

“I love this! Yeah, I really do! I like building with wood!” one child remarked.












“Mine may not look like anything yet, but it is coming together piece by piece.”

As kids add elements to their collagraph compositions, LEAPS’ artists help them build upon their ideas.

At the end of the morning we asked them, “Who knows more about the insect you’ve chosen?” “Who has more ideas about insects now?” and “How many of you felt some frustration with the project and worked your way through it?” Kids were proud to raise their hands and share what they’d experienced.


We look forward to another LEAPS’ day tomorrow and the energy the children bring to their art making.


Joyfully, Nancy, Susan, and Dee



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