The Power of ONE

“The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself…” ~ Bryce Courtney


Dear Families and Friends,

Today marks the halfway point in Cushing Community School’s 4-week program, which we celebrated at Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. So far, with insects as our focus, we’ve been learning about the POWER of SMALL.


From Len Greenhalgh, this morning, we learned about the power of ONE. Many years ago Len bought an old quarry – with rubble just about everywhere. Kids could see from the transformation that one person can change everything. Creatures at Wheeler Bay are flourishing as occupants of this wondrous sanctuary.

Len explained to kids that soil is full of insects, and lots of creatures feed on them.

“In order for us to make that work, we have to take care of what we can see  – so that we can preserve the things we can’t.”

One child asked, “Do animals come here a lot in winter?” Len said, “Some of the animals that used to fly south are staying around now. Warmer weather has changed things.”


Susan gave partners a checklist of items to look for on a scavenger hunt in the restored quarry. Kids scouted out rocks with sparkles, rocks of different colors, and even found a rock larger than a car. It was amazing what young scientists discovered.


DSCF2976 DSCF2967

DSCF2978 2


Toward the end of their visit, kids sat down to do some drawing with brand new perspectives. Some had seen deer. Many had ideas about where insects go in winter. Everyone was enchanted by the numerous geese in residence.DSCF3031






NATURE claimed our hearts today.  We’re enormously grateful to Jocelyn Paquette and Len Greenhalgh for giving us the chance to delve a little deeper into the natural world.

Reveling in the experience, Nancy, Susan, and Dee



2 thoughts on “The Power of ONE

  1. Looking back to our glorious trek one week ago, we saw twenty inspired kids looking at nature with a new eyes, curious about items we asked them to locate, and aware of how interconnected the world is.
    May there be many more days as spring approaches, that kids happily investigate the out- of-doors! Thank you to parents who chaperoned and teachers who soaked up the surroundings!

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