Leave No Stone Unturned

“A stone is ingrained with geological and historical memories.” ~ Andy Goldsworth

Dear Friends and Families,

There was a lot to think about following Tuesday’s adventure at Wheeler Bay. Kids reflected on what they’d found and where they’d spotted each item on their scavenger hunt. Everyone had a chance to check out some of the drawings that classmates had created at the Sanctuary. Truly impressive were kids’ “big picture” perspectives, revealing the quarry surrounded by diverse species of  trees, plants – and of course rocks.










Susan brought in a selection of beach rocks this morning and asked kids to choose one. Each young scientist examined their rock and talked about its differences. Then, with their imaginations in gear, they designed a stone of their own. Using a ballpoint pen, each student drew an outline, ultimately adding their rock’s undeniable idiosyncrasies. Many children amazed themselves and their peers with the details they’d carved. Next week they’ll make rock prints on large brown paper, designing a stone wall as a home for kids’ original insects.










On a roll with rocks, kids began building their own stone walls with collage materials.  In preparation for our whole-group wall, they collected a variety of paper and fabric pieces and put them together like a puzzle. Wall compositions varied with shape, color, and texture.










It was a busy day for young artists and scientists, who are beginning to envision their wall, which will serve as a home for the second and fourth grade insects.

Please mark your calendars for our student exhibition at Jonathan Frost Gallery next Thursday, March 19 at 9:30 AM. More information will follow.  This LEAPS’ show will be up for several weeks, and Jonathan and lead artist, Susan Beebe welcome you to see the children’s artwork at your convenience (Tuesday-Saturday 10-5.)

We want to thank Debby Kraft for hosting LEAPS at Cushing Library and local library patrons for their flexibility while children continue to create! It is a pleasure to work in this public setting and see a steady flow of townsfolk come through.

Busy as bees,

Nancy, Susan, Dee, and Cindy,  joining us for the remainder of the session.



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