Construction Zone: On the Lookout

“With a truly open mind, you make discoveries because you are open and aware.” ~Kyna Leski

You never know what you’ll find until you start your search.

Artist, Avis Turner sent us the photograph above. When she was out walking with her dog on the beach in Rockland she came upon this marvelous mandala.

A mandala is a symbol that represents the universe. The circular design says that everything is connected.

Have you seen a work of art created from nature for others to enjoy?

Might you make one for people on walks to discover?

We have two Big Ideas for kids this week from our artists. The first one is from Susan Beebe.

Day 4  On the Lookout

Mindset: Be an observer. An explorer. A scientist.

On this sunny day we’ve planned a Scavenger Hunt with ideas from LEAPS’ artist, Susan Beebe.

Even when you have a checklist, you never know what you’ll find in nature.

º Copy this list or part of it and take a pencil with you on the “hunt.”

º Be prepared to check them off.  Keep a record in your journal or make some drawings on a piece of paper. If you have crayons or colored pencils, add color.

º Look for these items outdoors:

Something Changing Color:  Grass greening, yellow weeping willow twigs, red-twig dogwoods
Flowers:  Snowdrops, crocuses are blooming
Tree Flowers:  Silver maple, Red maple flowers are starting to come out
A Bird:  Carrying a Stick for a Nest
Birds Singing:  Robins, song sparrows, mourning doves, chickadees
Something Moving on the Ground:  Not human
Something Flying:  Not a bird
Buds:  On trees, bushes getting bigger, pussy willows
Something Growing:  Grass, tulip or daffodil leaves
We’re interested in what you’ve found and in your artwork.
Have fun on your journey and share your discoveries with your classmates and LEAPS.
Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team
Take another kind of break and watch a barred owl and other birds ~
© Nancy Harris Frohlich 2020

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