Construction Zone: Journal for the Earth

“In beauty I walk / With beauty before me I walk / With beauty behind me I walk /
With beauty above me I walk /With beauty around me I walk” ~ Navajo prayer

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Earth Day is on the horizon – April 22 –  and you can celebrate it by making a Journal for the Earth. We’ll make it simple for you! You start and finish with a paper bag! If you want to use a heavier piece of paper for the outside cover, do it.

Day 6  Journal for the Earth

Mindset: It’s time to celebrate the Earth. Celebrate what’s small and collectable as well as the whole Earth!  Draw! Draw! Draw!

º Make your paper bag journal

Here’s how to create it:

(1) Cut six 4″ by 6″ rectangles out of a paper bag.

(2) Fold each paper in half, one at a time. Line up the corners so they touch each other when you fold them.

(3) Set each one of the folded pieces inside the others so that the pages are wide open.

(4) Make 2 holes in the fold – an equal distance from the edges.  If you don’t have a hole punch, use scissors to cut two tiny clips on the outside of the fold. (Think of how you make a very tiny diamond shape in a snowflake cut-out.)

(5) Take a piece of string, yarn, or ribbon and thread each end through a hole on the inside of your book.

(6) Tie a knot on the outside of the journal’s cover, and trim your string.


º Find some small, beautiful, and flat things outdoors. When you are back inside choose from what you’ve gathered. Glue what you love into your journal. You can put one thing on a page or put things that are alike in some way on the same page.

º You can also draw from your collection. You might only draw a corner, a little frill, or one side or end of what you pick. TAKE YOUR TIME, so you can create the shape, details, and texture in your drawing.  Write the date on the page.

º This year is EARTH DAY’s 50th birthday. When it started in 1970 the Big Idea was to change the world for the better by creating cleaner air and water. Imagine how many gathered in each city and country in that first year. This picture was taken in France.


º Open your journal to the middle and draw a picture of the Earth that covers two pages. Imagine the Earth the way you’d like it to be.

º Decorate your cover with fun patterns!




All of us at LEAPS wish you a Happy Earth Day and Adventurous Journaling next week and beyond.

Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team


©Nancy Harris Frohlich 2020






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