Nature sets Kids Free

“In nature a child finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace.” ~ Richard Louv

In Maine school gets out this week and children will be free from assignments and Zoom classes.          The woods are waiting! The birds are calling. The sky is changing color. What do kids notice when they look around them? Here’s what a few children told us.

“There’s a lot of cool things in nature.”   “I like lying in the grass and looking at the stars.”  

“Nature helps us describe things.”   “It gives us textures: moist, smooth, dry, wet, and sticky.” 

This is the perfect time to notice. How has the world around you changed since we began hibernating in March?  What does the world look like now compared to then?

Summertime is for exploring and getting ideas down on paper. There’s now time and space for appreciating what’s around you. Wherever you are, find a way to connect nature + art.

Mindset for Creating this Summer: Nature is calling. Make a splash!  Let your imagination go.

Materials: Watercolors or colored pencils dipped in water will inspire free-flowing impressions on paper. Find patterned papers to glue on paper. Take a journal with you when you are on the go.







The watercolor artwork above was created on Vinalhaven and in Thomaston. Collages below were designed on Vinalhaven.






2019-2020:  It’s been an amazing, albeit shortened year for LEAPS with programs for 5th graders in Searsmont, two 5th grades and a 1st grade in Rockland, two 4th grades (and two kindergarten bonus days) in Tenants Harbor, a 2nd grade program (and two kindergarten bonus days) in Thomaston, and a combined 2nd and 4th grade program in Cushing. We’ve taken fall and spring groups to Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and held classes at Jackson Memorial and Cushing libraries. Collaborating with teachers and librarians makes every experience richer. We are grateful to superintendents, John McDonald and Mike Felton; to principals, Justin Bennett, Dawn Jones, and Ainsley Riley for welcoming our team to your schools.

In celebration of children and nature, LEAPS will blog bi-weekly this summer. We will share our Big Ideas and student artwork with you. I want to thank our wondrous artists, Susan Beebe, Alexis Iammarino, Cindy McGuirl. Dee Peppe, Laura Sheinkopf, and Avis Turner as well as the Davis Family Foundation, Maine Arts Commission, Maine Community Foundation, RSU13, St. George MSU, and individual donors for making LEAPS 2019-2020 possible.

Keep Imagining, Young Artists ~ Nancy, for the LEAPS’ Team

Enjoy this recent student work from the pandemic hibernation~





bird’s eye view of students’ bedrooms






© Nancy Harris Frohlich 2020

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