Dare to be Powerful

When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision – then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ~ Audra Lorde

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

As spring’s turned to summer, we’ve seen the courage it takes to ignite meaningful change. In the streets of Rockland and Portland, and in cities all over the world, individuals and families are standing up for justice – affirming the rights of African Americans.

Working with elementary school kids in their communities and their classrooms, we recognize that speaking out starts with conviction. It takes moxie. It takes knowing who you are and recognizing that you can push yourself into unknown territory.

LEAPS’ kids want to make their mark. Learning to work in different mediums, they feel adventurous. They explore new art forms. They try out new ways of being in the world.


Take a look at our children’s faces. They reveal purpose.

Look at their collective artwork.

See the world through our young artists’ eyes.










Our kids are IMPRESSIVE. They’re innovative thinkers who will create change.






























If we want our communities to take a turn for the better we must inspire our children to believe in themselves today.

We’re in this together. Won’t you give your children the chance to make art and feel their power this summer?

For the Team,

Nancy Harris Frohlich, Executive Director

  1. Banner Photo: Thomaston Fourth Grade: Self-portraits + Images from Nature (Collagraphs with Handmade Stamps)      Jonathan Frost Gallery Exhibition
  2. Photo 1: South School Fifth Grade: Painting from Nature  (Handmade Ink made from Natural Elements)
  3. Photo 2: Thomaston Fourth Grade: Collaborative Landscape Drawing (Oil Pastels)
  4. Photo 3: St. George School: Self-portrait Plate (Monotype)
  5. Photo 4: St. George School: Animal Portraits + Self-portraits (Collagraphs + Monotypes)        Jackson Memorial Library Exhibition
  6. Photo 5: St. George School: Animal Portrait (Collagraph)
  7. Photo 6: South School Fifth Grade: Self-portraits with Bark Prints (Monotypes with Handmade Stamps)        Jonathan Frost Gallery
  8. St. George School: Fourth Grade: Animal Masks (Paper Maché + Tempera)


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