Making Art Together

I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen.              ~ A.A. Milne

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

There’s nothing like reflecting on the friends we’ve made and the relationships we’ve formed together, even if we can’t keep up with them at the moment! We bet kids who buddied up with schoolmates from another class in LEAPS will never forget their experience.

Throughout 2019-2020 learners made new friends in LEAPS. We partnered South School’s first graders with fifth graders, St. George School’s fourth graders with kindergarteners, and Cushing Community School’s second graders with fourth graders. And regardless of where they stood on the age spectrum, everybody learned.

If we stop to think about it, kids have something to teach the rest of us. With an appetite for collaboration, they are gentle with their guidance. They are open to receiving feedback. And they pause to listen.

Making art as a cohort gives kids a chance to apply all these skills and more.  In Rockland young artists made prints of animals and birds.

Using string and bits of cardboard, kids formed shapes and filled the inside with patterns.

With a brayer, they inked their collagraph and saw their birds and animals come alive before their eyes.

Each creature found its place on the page, and the two came together as an impressive work of art.

Making collaborative art comes naturally to young people. Using materials from nature adds to the beauty of the outcome and inspires children to personally connect with plantlife as well as animals, which always fascinate them. 

The exhibition on the South School stairwell caught the attention of everyone in the community, keeping the spirit going throughout the winter months.





“One of the best things about LEAPS was making new friends,”  young artists remarked.

May it not be too long before children can again work in tandem to create a collaborative future,

Nancy Harris Frohlich, for the LEAPS of IMAGINATION Team

* Photos of students at Wheeler Bay Wildlife Sanctuary are courtesy of Dee Peppe.
** LEAPS of IMAGINATIONS’ Summer Posts give us a chance to share children’s artwork from the 2019-2020 school year. Enjoy!








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