Banking on the Children

“The soul is healed by being with children.” ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Dear Friends of LEAPS,

It’s our children that lead the way. They are deep, reflective thinkers. They say what’s on their minds. They take action. While we’re waiting to kick off our programs later this fall, I’m re-reading their feedback from last year. Have a read.

Art is important for kids because kids need to use their minds to create stuff from their imaginations.” ~age 7  “I can make my art look even better and make good ideas.” ~age 7  “Art makes kids smarter.” ~age 7  “I learned that I have to listen and compromise.” ~age 8 “My partner taught me to come up with good ideas.” ~ age 8

“Kids can express their feelings through art.” ~age 9  “We can make any kind of art and ignore judging.” ~age 9  “Art helps kids let out their creativity in a beautiful way.” ~age 9  “Kids need to look at reality.” ~age 9

This week we installed the art that Rockland’s fifth graders created before COVID, when schools closed down. We want to make sure our young artists, their families, and community members get to see it on display.

Head over to the exhibit at Camden National Bank on Main Street in Rockland. The art will be on view through September 30.

Fifth Graders and First Graders Worked in Tandem

Here’s what we notice as we take a close look at their prints. Kids see the greater whole as more than the sum of its parts. They are intentional about getting the big picture and consider the way each piece relates to the others.

As collaborators across grade levels, they are open to learning from one another. One fifth grader said about his much younger partner, “He’s the smartest, kindest kid I’ve ever known.”

Young people have the wherewithal to deal with complexity. Most adults expect just the opposite from kids. Over the years, the challenges we’ve posed in LEAPS have grown more advanced, more intricate. Our children do not buckle. They ask questions. They request help. They move through the quagmire and acknowledge what they’ve accomplished, having pushed hard to get there.

Children have so much to teach us if we take a moment to pay attention.

Let’s listen to them as schools get ready to open.

Honoring our children,

Nancy Harris Frohlich, for the LEAPS’ Team

September 2, 2020

2 thoughts on “Banking on the Children

  1. More, more, more!! What wonderful stuff!! As a former pre-school teacher, I KNOW that children are deep and creative thinkers!! It is SO important to listen to kids and to provide materials and time, so that they can explore their own ideas and questions and achieve their own goals! Congratulations to Leaps of Imagination! Great work!

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