“Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement.” ~ Sir Ken Robinson, The Element

We believe that all children are imaginative thinkers, and that if we give them the opportunity to use their imaginations in school by making art, they will thrive.

LEAPS of IMAGINATION brings local Maine mentor artists together with elementary school students and teachers in a collaborative school-day classroom program. Mentor artists interweave in-depth art making experiences with carefully chosen social justice and literature themes linked to the class curriculum. Our project empowers children to believe in their own capacity to create and to make change in both their local community and the larger world.

One second grader exclaimed, “Art takes time. If you’re going to be creative you need time!” In order to prepare future thinkers and leaders we provide extended time  – two hours twice each week for one month, so that students can experiment with original ideas as artists, scientists, researchers, and story tellers. 

Our mission at LEAPS of IMAGINATION is to ignite the imaginative spirit and inspire new ways of thinking so that young people can realize that their ideas have purpose and that they have the courage to act on them.

We are grateful to the Davis Family Foundation, Maine Arts Commisson, Maine Community Foundation, the Crewe Foundation, and the Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation for supporting our work with children in public schools.

Nancy Harris Frohlich,  Founding Director

Learn more at: leapsofimagination.org     Contact us at: nancy@leapsofimagination.org

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